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Translating phrases for shits and giggles
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Basically, a girl called dyslexia started her own community a while back, to help her translate a phrase into as many different languages as possible. I loved the idea, so I figured I'd take the idea and expand it. If you want to translate a phrase, maybe a motto or a joke, into as many languages as possible, here's the place.

There do exist communities to help translate phrases from one language to another, so if that's your desire, visit them first. This comm is for translating phrases or expressions into as many languages as possible. For fun.


1. In the words of Fry and Laurie: 'Be nice! Don't make me say it twice!'

2. Don't be afraid of leeching. If you can't speak a language, but you would like to be a part of the comm, do it. It's not your fault :D

3. Don't fight over grammar, spelling etc. If an agreement cannot be swiftly reached, take it outside. Go fight it out on MSN or through email, then come back once a decision has been made.

Social capital

  • less than 10